WordPress Development

Custom Development

We provide uniquely designed solutions built on WordPress. You get a fully customized and responsive website with the ability to edit content.

SEO Optimized Pages

All of our websites are optimized for Search Engines. Our code is written in a way to allow Google, Yahoo and other search sites to properly render your site and rank it higher in the search results.

Mobile Ready

Website traffic from mobile devices is growing every year. We make sure that every website that we develop is mobile optimized and can be accessed from a wide range of devices.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is the world's leading Content Management System that is flexible and reliable. It can be used to build simple websites and blogs as well as large enterprise solutions that can integrate with various 3rd party services. Our team has been working with WordPress for over 10 years. We use this experience to build some of the most complex custom themes and plugins that help our clients drive business and increase conversions.

30% of the websites worldwide run on WordPress

Full Control

Our websites are fully customizable. Once we build your digital solution, you can edit almost anything on the site without touching the code. This is extremely useful if you have multiple teams working together. Marketing, Operations, Design, and other teams can greatly benefit from the ability to autonomously edit the contents of the site. We can even delegate different access levels for different teams and individuals.

Pages that load in 2.4 seconds get the peak mobile conversation rate of 1.9%

SEO Optimized Pages

SEO has been the buzz word around the web marketing and development world for a quite some time. However, there is a big gap between development procedures and the best SEO practices. Since Search Engines focus more on the code structure of your pages, as opposed to visual representation, it is critical to have the proper HTML structure and follow to the best SEO practices. All of our clients' websites comes with the schema markup, something that is underlooked but, nevertheless, considered by the Search Engines as an important factor in ranking. Additionally, elements such as h1, h2 tags, image descriptions, page titles and others are implemented and tested according to the SEO standards.

Just one second of added page load speed can lead in eCommerce sales drop by 27%

Optimized Performance

Performance is our mantra her at Albus Labs. Whatever solution we create, we always focus on performance and make sure your pages load fast. All of the websites we work on go through a scrupulous process of Quality Assurance, where we test to make sure the code meets the W3C standards and follows all Search Engine recommendations.

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